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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affidavit?An affidavit is a sworn statement of facts that is sworn to by the affiant before individuals who are authorized to administer oaths.What is a statutory declaration?A statutory declaration is similar to an affidavit except that it is usually used outside of court settings. For example, proof of death is used for a land transfer when one of the grantors has died. These types of declarations are made in accordance with certain legislation.What if I don't have all my information right now?If you don't have all your information immediately available, then leave the answer empty and a blank line will be inserted in your document so that you may preview the partially completed document. Be sure to fill in all information before you print a final versio, so that your final document is as complete as possible.

Person Swearing the Affidavit

Who is the declarant (affiant)?The affiant, declarant or deponent is the person who makes or swears the affidavit.For the majority of US cities, a city is part of a county. However, an independent city is a city that does not belong in a particular county. It may physically be inside a county but the independent city would not fall under the legal jurisdication of the county. An example is Baltimore, Maryland.

Facts of the Affidavit


(e.g. I, John Smith, of Ottawa, Ontario, am one of the shareholders of ABC Inc. I started ABC Inc. with John Doe of Toronto, Ontario on March of 2005 and I currently own 60% of the shares in ABC Inc.

Attached and marked as "Exhibit A" are the articles of incorporation of ABC Inc.)
Tips on how the facts should be drafted?The list of facts sworn by the Deponent must be that person's personal knowledge and the facts must be relevant to the proceeding in which the affidavit will be used. The list of facts should be listed in a concise manner.

Please write in simple and complete sentences and limit each numbered clause to include only one or two ideas to ensure clarity.

Court Venue

What is the court venue?The court venue is the place chosen by the parties, where the court proceeding will be taking place. Generally, all affidavits created for court and used before a judge will show the judicial district and court level on it. For example:





NOTE: In most jurisdictions, a backer needs to be attached to any document to be filed at the court. A backer is attached as the last page of a document that lists the action number, style of cause as well as the contact address of yourself or your lawyer. Since the format of the backer is different across jurisdictions, it is not included in our product. Please consult with your local clerk of the court for details.
The ID assigned to the case by the court needs to be entered into the box. It is used to identify the case and its documents in the court's filing. The ID can be numerical or alphbetical and numerical depending on the jurisdiction. It can be found in the upper right hand corner area of your court documents from the same case.

e.g. Action No.: 0301-15879 or Court File No. 06-0271 or No. S013235

Please contact your local courthouse clerk for further details.
List the parties' full names and separate them by commas with the word "and" for the last member. (e.g. John Doe, Jane Doe, and John Smith)

Enter in the party names in the order as commenced in the proceeding/action.
List the parties' full names and separate them by commas with the word "and" for the last member. (e.g. John Doe, Jane Doe, and John Smith)

Enter in the party names in the order as commenced in the proceeding/action.

Signing Details

What date should I use?Please fill in the signing date and the location of where the document will be signed and notarized.Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths?If the document will be used outside the province or territory where it will be sworn, a Notary Public MUST be used.

If the document will be used in the same province or territory where it will be sworn, you can usually also swear it in front of a commissioner for oaths.
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